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Assistant Food Control Test KPK MCQs Direct Download Link

1.Which country is the largest producer of tea. China 
2.First voicerey lord canning 
3.First women budget speech , Hina rabbani khar
4.Yemen capital option none (Sana)
5.Accra is the capital of Guyana
6.Wkhan border separated Pakistan from Tajikistan .
7.The secret police of hetler “Gestapo”. Not sure
8.Qazi muhammad essa was the member of option Pakistan movement .
9.Who was the founder of jumat e islami . Abul A'la Maududi
10.Kutch border between Pakistan and india name “24 parallel”
11.South of Pakistan which country is located. Option None
12.Which surah was revealed twice ? surah hamd 
13.Pakistan is not member of ? G8
14.Vice president of Pakistan ? amin 
15.Which two countries is not the member of UNO? Option None
16 .3rd prime minister of Pakistan ? Muhammad ali bogra 
17 .Fruit have ? protein , minerl and vitamin nh malom 
18.Splitting of moon ? jaga ka name>?
19..Indian border with Punjab province ? which side north east or north ? \
20. The Kalabagh Dam, is proposed hydroelectric dam on which river? Indus River 
21. zafarallah khan Jamili CM and PM.
Malign , aghast and abreast ?
Antonym , look , rejoice , nominal and terse

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