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Girls' Education

Girls' Education in Pakistan

Girls' education is not given so much importance in Pakistan as compared to that of sons. Girls are not treated well in homes due to their feminism. They don't enjoy the basic human rights of good food, education, health and freedom.
That is the reason the percentage of girls' education is not so high in the country. In big cities the condition is a little better, but in rural areas it is worse. Although Islam stresses the education of both sexes yet parents don't pay attention towards their education. The reason is they think that girls are an economic burden on them so they should get rid of this burden as soon as possible.
There is no use or outcome of girls' education. After marriage, they will be departing and will benefit their husbands with their qualification. Keeping in mind this view they deprive girls of their right to get an education. In big cities, people have understood the importance of education for girls. So here females are sent to schools and colleges for higher education.
They are encouraged to choose the profession of their own choice if they are interested in the job. Teaching, the medical profession and engineering are considered the respectable professions in the society. Both girls are joining other departments too, such as, army, pilots, air hostess, acting, showbiz, writing and journalism. Fashion designing is the profession in which girls of the new era are very much interested. But while going out to get the education they have to follow certain rules. They have to show modesty, use long gown with a scarf to hide them.

They can't talk to unknown people seductively. Otherwise, their education will be banned for ever. After educating girls are free to enter in a professional field or to remain in the house. It is up to them. Still, there is a lot of to be done for the betterment of rural girls so that they can join the mainstream of progress of the country.

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